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Debate competitions: FINDA Schools CUP 2018

Registration for FINDA Schools Cup 2018 is now officially open! Make sure
to fill in registration soon to ensure your spots in the tournament. The
registration deadline is September 17th.

You can register through this link: https://goo.gl/forms/DLLBk6M3X15S5DBO2

A short recap of the tournament:
WHAT: World Schools format tournament for high schoolers featuring 4
rounds, semi-finals + finals
WHEN: October 6-7 (starting at 11:00 on Saturday and ending around 17:00
on Sunday)
WHERE: English School, Helsinki (Valimotie 17-19)
REGISTRATION FEE: 40€/participant (same fee for debaters and accompanying
ACCOMMODATION FEE: 30€/participant (Sat-Sun night at Omena Hotel)
FOLLOW OUR FB PAGE FOR UPDATES: https://www.facebook.com/events/248727132445868/?event_time_id=248727142445867

The tournament will also feature workshops for teachers by Miha Andric and
organized by the Finnbrits! Now, a little sneak peek at the experienced
chief adjudication team we have in store for you at the tournament.

Paidamwoyo Mangondo is an experienced debate judge and coach who brings
experience from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Sweden. He has served on the
chief adjudication panel of World Schools Debating Championships in 2015
and 2016 and numerous regional competitions. He has a great deal of
coaching experience including coaching the Swedish National Team both in
2017 and 2018.

Milla Huuskonen is a local debating veteran, boasting over 50 combined
speaking and judging breaks. As a speaker she has made the outrounds of
European Universities Debating Championships twice. As a judge she has
judged the semifinals and finals of English College Open 2017 and the
finals of the Finnish High School Debating Championships a total of 4
times, including chairing the final in 2018. She has also coached various
schools and coordinated national training as FINDA’s Educational Officer

Triin Toimetaja is an Estonian debater and judge, who has great deal of
experience from judging and coaching debating at High School level. She
has been in the CA teams of START 2016 and English College Open 2018 and
has broken as a judge at around 15 competitions more. She has regularly
been teaching debating at 3 different Schools in Estonia.

With the combined experience of our chief adjudication team and judges the
tournament is sure to be a great learning experience for all students
regardless of their level!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at info@debate.fi

Hope to see you at the tournament,
Anna Vilén, convenor of FINDA Schools Cup 2018


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